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Using Google Forms for Simplified Student Data Collection

At the beginning of each quarter, I have my students take a 1 minute typing test so that we have a quick idea of their keyboarding growth throughout the year. I used to have an Excel spreadsheet which I would have open, and tell the students that they had to come up to my desk and tell me their 3 scores (WPM, Accuracy, and Adjusted WPM). This was problematic is a couple of ways: First, it was time consuming. I only have 40 minute classes with my students and this data collection really ate into that block. Secondly, students would inevitably forget their scores and would need to go back to their computers to check their numbers (that is if they hadn’t already closed out the window).


I created a quick form in Google Docs and dropped the link in a shared folder where all of my students can access. They take the 1 minute typing test, minimize their screens, open the link, and input their scores in the form. I then have a time-stamped spreadsheet with their scores and I didn’t have to type in a single number.

I’m no Google Apps guru – in fact, I’m quite the novice as my school has just this year began rolling out Google Apps accounts for our teachers. But this has been one simple way to use one of the countless features in Google Apps that have made my life easier.

Do you use Google Apps with your students? What kind of things are you doing?

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