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12 (Days of) Christmas Sites for Kids and Teachers – Day 1

Over the next two weeks before we depart for the winter break, I’ll be listing 12 days worth of fun Christmas sites for kids and teachers. Here you will find a variety of games, activities, teaching resources, and places to go online to get the Christmas season rolling.


In this über-popular game from Mini-Clip, your mission is to help Santa Claus collect the presents and get them ready for delivery on Christmas Eve. To do this you need to draw a pathway of least-resistance, collect all the presents, and finish at the checkered flag.  EdTechIdeas: Although mostly fun, the rules of physics play a part here and students must think and plan out a pathway that does not defy gravity. Also a good game if you have students who have not completely mastered the mouse.

Check back in a few days to see some more of The 12 Days of Christmas Sites for Kids and Teachers!



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