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3 Great Halloween Sites for Kids

The Kidz Page

On the KidzPage, there are 23 online Halloween games12 online Halloween coloring pages53 online Halloween jigsaw puzzles, and much more to keep the brains of little ghouls and goblins entertained.

Spookathon Virtual Pumpkin Carver

At Spookathon’s Virtual Pumpkin Carving site, you have all the fun of real pumpkin carving, without the mess. Finished pumpkins can be printed, emailed as an e-card, or turned into an online puzzle for your friends to complete.

Primary Games

There are not too many sites that allow you the pleasure of Shopping at WitchmartWhacking a Monster, playing Pingpong with Ghouls, or Typing with GhostsPrimary Games Halloween Fun lets you do all of that, and a whole lot more.


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