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Daily Archives: October 13, 2011

The Space Place – from NASA

NASA has created a great new site for kids to learn more about Earth, the Solar System, The Universe, and much more. Within each section of The Space Place, there are games, activities, videos, interactives, and a wealth of information written so that kids will grasp it.  There’s a great Parents & Educators section with activities and information to help guide students through the site. The amount of information within The Space Place is mind boggling – students can return over and over and still find something new that they had not seen before.



Search Techniques with Google

When searching the internet, students generally go straight to Google, type in a query and use the first hit that comes up. Often times, this may be adequate, depending on what they are trying to discover. However, when researching information for a project they are working on, more advanced searching techniques need to be applied, and most students (particularly at the elementary level) are limited in this ability. Enter (of all things) Google. Google has created what they’re calling the “Search Education Evangelism Site“.

Lesson Plans

Start out
(Basic lessons)
Step up
(Intermediate lessons)
On top
(Advanced lessons)
Understanding search engines What is the Web? Google landing
The keys to search city
Search technique and strategies Which links should I follow?
Mixed media
Believe it or not
Features and operators Hello operator
Quick finds
Slicing & dicing

The site contains 9 different lesson plans (as shown above)  for teachers that focus on the basics (what is the web) to refining search techniques, to more advanced features of inquiry.  Below is an example of one of the presentations that are included within each lesson plan:

For more ideas on teaching children to become better online researchers, read Web Searching – Don’t Believe Everything you Read Online, an article I wrote for ISTE’s Leading and Learning with Technology magazine.

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