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Daily Archives: January 6, 2010

Learn a Foreign Language – Before You Know It

Before You Know It (BYKI) is a language-learning system, which includes desktop software, online applications, free content, articles, and games, all of which can be accessed through Byki.com. I began using it personally about a year ago when my 2 year old daughter told me (in Swedish) that my Swedish, “Was coming along pretty good.” I know she was too young to have the capacity for sarcasm, but I could’ve sworn I detected just a hint of it in her voice.

What I like about BYKI is:

  1. It’s free.
  2. The clean flashcard-style interface makes it an enjoyable process.
  3. You can have several different users logged into the program who are at different levels.
  4. It’s auditory, visual, and kinesthetic for different learning styles.
  5. It monitors words and phrases that are difficult to the learner and keeps bringing them back until proficiency is achieved.  

Before You Know It would work well in an educational setting for English Language Learners, or in a foreign language classroom. Check out the free download and see what you think.

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