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Tech Integration for Busy Teachers


ts1Looking for something fun for the kids, yet educational – not just a time killer?  I recently had some students test out Typershark. Each of my students did a searchts2 for Typer Shark and located the site: www.popcapgames.com. I then instructed them how to download the free trial version which took less than 5 minutes and they were off.

The free download gives you 60 minutes of trial time and then it costs $6.95 to purchase the full version. One thing I can’t figure ts3out is why did they create the letters that you are supposed to type with all caps?  This doesn’t really help the user with the shift key.

The students really got into the game and it held their interest quite readily. With its ocean diving theme and constant threat of sharks coming at the diver, the user must type the letters on the screen quickly and accurately in order to progress to deeper levels. While not as robust as Mavis Beacon and not as flexible as Custom Typing, Typershark is a solid program that will help students become more proficient keyboarders.


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