Ed Tech Ideas

Tech Integration for Busy Teachers

Physics Games

Air Transporter
Take control of a helicopter and move objects as you try to put out fires, construct buildings and complete other tasks.

Magic Pen

A great drawing puzzle game similar to Crayon Physics. Draw shapes and add hinges to make your ball collect flags.

Incredibots 2

Design robots with a handful of tools and watch them come to life in the physics-based world.

Fantastic Contraption

Create crazy contraptions with wheels and rods to guide the pink object to the pink area. Use your imagination and knowledge of physics to come up with a solution for each level.

Cargo Bridge

Design a bridge that will allow you to safely move your cargo from one side to the other. You have a limited amount of money to build each bridge.

Bridge Craft

Construct bridges with wood, steel and rope so that the creatures can reach the flag in each level. Similar to Cargo Bridge.

Truck Loader

Use your magnet to move cargo onto the truck. You really need to think outside the box – especially on the higher levels.

UPDATE: You can now play Truck Loader 2 and Truck Loader 3


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