Ed Tech Ideas

Tech Integration for Busy Teachers


  • Gamequarium – Tutorials, games and learning activities to help with fractions.
  • Math Fractions – Not an exciting site, aesthetically speaking, but with links to 90 different fraction games and activities, this is a great resource!
  • Funbrain Soccer Shootout – Learn fractions by taking penalty kicks. Old-school graphics, but there are 4 different levels to keep it interesting.
  • Visual Fraction Games – Interesting choice of characters for these games, but if you’re into helping Grampy and Grammy using fractions, these games are for you. Check out the more recent platform scales.
  • Sheppard Software – some fun, free games here to help students learn about all types of fractions.
  • Conceptua Math – Videos and lesson plans for students and teachers to help get a better understanding of difficult concepts.
  • Fraction Games – 11 free fraction games from Jamit.com.au based on their online lessons.
  • FunSchool – Race a car around a track by solving fraction problems in Action Fraction
  • Visualizing Fractions: How Much Pizza is Left?
  • Equivalent Fractions: Monkey Math (Great for IWBs)
  • Equivalent Fractions: Melvin’s Make a Match
  • Equivalent Fractions: Fresh-Baked Fractions
  • Equivalent Fractions: Concentration Game for 1 or 2 players
  • Equivalent Fractions: Matching Game



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